On the DL in the Hamptons last week #fbf

In light of recent events I think it’s important to understand there is big difference between Judaism and Zionism. For example meet the Neturei Karta. They are a sect of Hacidic Jews, living right here in Williamsburg, who have been opponents of the Zionist state of Israel since its inception. Now thanks to them and other brave Jews who have been speaking out it is becoming harder and harder for Israel to defend itself from criticism using the shield of the accusation of antisemitism. 
Ps do know that Palestinians are also descended from Semites? #judaism #palestine #zionism #israel #religion #peace

Did you know that is scientifically feasible that some creatures never die? It is a phenomenon known as Negligible Senescence.

I wonder if there’s also a name for the smell before it rains? #rain #earth #aroma

A truly amazing documentary that explains how the Amazon is not the pristine wilderness it appears, but actually owes much of it’s diversity to a vast network of pre contact human cultures who once lived there in complete ecological harmony with the forest. The same as native people once did on Mannahatta and the same as we will all have to do again one day if we are to survive here. We have so much to learn from the past…

Visited Fort Greene Park for the first time today. Kinda splendid 🌳 #brooklyn #fortgreene #park #nature #greenlove #greenlove #nyc

I love how the weeds add their own subversive annotation to this statement 🌾 #nyc #greenlove #nature #green #resistance #weeds

If ever a photo summed up where the human race is headed it is this…

#belgium #chatillon #cars #traffic #abandoned #overgrown #wild #nature #forest

#greenbrigade #celtic #palestine #solidarity

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First day of hanging out in the Hamptons has been the best antidote for the city imaginable 🌳🌾💏🐎💚


Thursday documentary:

80% of the nitrogen (and other nutrients) within the redwood forests come from the sea. This documentary shows the myriad symbiotic and fragile relationships existing inside a forest ecosystem.

If we want the forests to continue, then tree activists also need to be water and salmon activists. Bear activists need to be tree and fungi activists. We have to preserve as much of the natural ecosystem habitats as possible, as individual beings (including humans) are dependent upon the lives and communities of others.

We are going to schedule documentaries every Thursday over the summer (11am PDT; 2pm EST; 7pm GMT/BST)



“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.”
— Albert Camus

In Mannahatta…
Lays a happy #Lenape